PHP and Arabic

There are quite a few ‘obstacles’ when programming anything with a language like Arabic, another character set, the orientation of the script are 2 of those obstacles which are fairly easy to solve.
But getting good results from an online dictionary is a lot more complicated. Because of the prefixes and suffixes, it is, especially for new learners, difficult to know or to guess which is the actual word.
Fortunately, we can use Khaled Al-Sham’aa’s fantastic libraries to solve many of those problems. We have already integrated some of the functionalities.
Right now, we use Khaled’s library to drop the definite article and to correct some typos, like using ‘ya’ instead of ‘alif maqsura’ for example.
The libraries have many more functionalities and we are still working at making the search easier for you.

A big thank you to Khaled !!!

Arabic Dictionary Online

2006-02-24 07:23:37